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10 Things You Can Do to Write Efficiently

1. Practice everyday


One of the best ways to sustain a skill is to practice. Write for at least five minutes daily, just so you can keep your writing skills in check. It doesn’t have to be anything structured, you can write down topics you plan to write about, snippets of something you are currently working on, a short poem or story. The important thing here is to getting your hands and your mind used to writing motion.

2. Read, read, read


Scroll through blogs, find new novels, just read. Reading helps one improve vocabulary and comprehension. More than that, it also keeps you up to date, and increases knowledge.

3. Find ways to improve

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Constantly review your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Do you repeat words often? Do you commit grammar errors often? Leaf through dictionaries, thesauruses, and books of style. Do short grammar and vocabulary exercises. Remember that there is always room for improvement.

4. Learn continuously


If you consider yourself competent in one genre, why not try writing in a different one? Or, if you’re already a skilled creative writer, why not try technical writing, or vice versa? Challenge yourself to write new things in new formats. This will make you more well-rounded and able to take on a variety of writing tasks.

5. Get inspired

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Go outside and admire the world. Expose yourself to the beauty of your surroundings. Actively look for a muse instead of waiting for it to stroll into your head. You just might find it in the place you least expected.

6. Try something new


Learn a new recipe, try to learn how to skate, or do something you’ve never done before. Collect experiences. This will give you a lot more to write about.

7. Set goals

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Having goals helps you stay motivated, and gets actual work done. When you set goals however, make sure that they aren’t too easy or too difficult. Make your goals both doable and challenging.

8. Have your work critiqued


Let your work be reviewed by someone who has no idea what the end goal of your project is. Sometimes, writers tend to skip parts, and to them it makes sense, because they know what happens next. Having another set of eyes go over your work provides objective feedback, and may help spot inconsistencies and errors in your work.

9. Edit


A masterpiece is never perfect on the first try. As mentioned above, there is always room for improvement. Look for sentences that can be made simpler, ideas that can be explained better, or thoughts that can be rephrased for better understanding. Edit with caution: be careful not to over-edit to the point where the first and final draft are two different things.

10. Relax


All the greats of the world have taken a break at least once. It’s best to give yourself a ten-minute break for every hour of working. Don’t force yourself to write. Stress will stop the ideas from flowing.

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