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Argumentative Essay


There are different classifications of essays that can help in analyzing the purpose of why a certain piece of writing has been written. Every essay aims to achieve some effect on its reader. They have a message that they want to be delivered, and the success of an essay is in being able to communicate its ideas according to its goal. Among the many types of essay is the argumentative essay.

Argumentative essay is a genre of writing that aims to take a position on a certain issue and to prove it using supporting ideas. It is a type of essay that mainly requires an extensive amount of research. Writers of the argumentative essay need to do a lot of investigation before proceeding to writing his or her piece.  There needs to a collection, generation, and evaluation of pieces of evidence gathered. More importantly, the writer needs to take decide on what his or her position is regarding the topic.

The research that goes into writing an argumentative essay includes going through previous literature that has been published about the topic. It also calls for empirical research that includes data gathering through interviews, observations, surveys, and experiments.

The advantage of having researched extensively is that it will allow the writer to have more to study while deciding on what position to either support or oppose. Research helps the writer to know more about the topic and to understand the possible arguments for opposing points of view regarding it. With the data gathered, it will be easier for the writer to support his or her claim.

Writing an argumentative essay is similar to preparing your arguments for a debate. It is important for there to be complete, well-researched arguments that can be supported by evidence. There needs to be a beginning, middle, and end statements. The whole essay must be concluded in a way that wraps up the whole argument with logic. The position that is being supported must be clear to the reader by the end.

A concise, clearly written thesis statement must be included in the first paragraph of an argumentative essay. The writer must begin the first paragraph with a general review of the topic. This review includes a clear explanation of the context of the topic and an explanation of why the topic is relevant. After these general opening statements, the thesis statement must follow. The success of any essay relies mostly on the clarity of the articulation of the thesis statement.

A transition paragraph follows the first paragraph. This maintains the fluidity of the essay. It is a way of wrapping up the previous paragraph and introducing the next.

The body of the essay must include evidence that supports the arguments that the writer has chosen to take. The body can take many paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs must relate logically to the thesis statement of the entire essay. It must be clear to the reader that the paragraphs are supporting the main idea.

Argumentative essays must also explain arguments for the opposing side. It is considered unethical to put the opposing points of view aside. Conflicting opinions can also help in explaining the position of the essay better. However, it is not good to outright say that these arguments are wrong. It is better to have a carefully written explanation of why they may not be correct.

The argumentative essay must end with a logical conclusion. This is a crucial part of the essay because this leaves the most impression. This part does not need new information and data. It only needs a synthesis of all the previous arguments that have been made.



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