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Book Review: The Secret Garden


“I am sure there is Magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us . . .” a line that stuck to me.

I read this book when I was young, so I may have forgotten some important details, but what I do remember clearly is that I hold this book close to my heart. When I was still a kid, I used to think that when I read, I should only read the classics because they’re the ones that only matter—I was completely wrong to think that, of course—but I had some trouble in reading them. The Secret Garden is one of the few classics that I could read with ease when I was still a budding reader, and its characters and sceneries made me feel like I want to be inside the story.

The Secret Garden may not have the most profound lesson you can take away from a classic, but it is certainly one of the most endearing stories ever written. Just looking at it in my bookshelf is enough to evoke a warm sensation.

I also remember about appreciating plants and earnestly working toward a goal, and the matters about friendship that were touched were relatable regardless of how little or much, even for a child. What got me into this book was the idea of a secret garden though: a small paradise that you can call your own. The Secret Garden appealed to my curious side, and it had just enough mystery to satisfy my desire too. The author exemplified the wonders of a few good habits—getting fresh air, exercising, eating well, and caring for animals—and it made me feel like I was getting better just like one of the characters in the story.

I’ve always wanted a secret garden of my own, and perhaps you too, and I soon found out that the life-changing habits that the book illustrated didn’t require a private place or any of the sort but a belief in oneself.

Written by:

Vincent Robert Lanaria, a self-taught musician and avid learner, he spends his free time learning languages and reading.

**Disclaimer: Image is not ours. Credit to their respective owners.

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