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Building Your Blog: Knowing Your Blog Style


Blogs are everywhere nowadays. From the 12-year-old on Tumblr to the multinational company’s own website, people of all ages, professions, and literacies have found spaces for their thoughts.

With the availability of millions of blogs online, you need to stand out to be noticed. The best way to do this is to know your blog style. Knowing your blog’s purpose will help you keep ideas intact and will make it easier for readers to find you. Moreover, this will help your blog build a dedicated following.

Here are some of the major types of blogs you can choose from.

Business Blog

If you sell a product or provide a service, you might benefit from a business blog. Business blogs produce posts which may attract potential customers or those that customers will already find useful. Business blogging is also a form of low-cost advertisement.

Niche Blog

If you are an expert in a certain field, you can try doing a niche blog. Niche bloggers create content that is valuable, accessible, and easy to read. This type of blog often has the most traffic, so they are great for advertisers. Niche bloggers earn by giving product/service reviews and creating advertisement posts for other businesses.

Industry Blog

As the name suggests, an industry blog is one which targets a specific industry. The great thing about the industry blog is that they’re a wellspring of various types of content. Industry blogs can contain anything from reviews to industry news.

Professional Blog

Professional blogs are a lot like niche blogs, but they take elements from business blogs as well. Professional blogging is a way for a professional of a certain expertise to build their credibility online, at the same time advertising their services for free.

Branding Blog

If you want to establish yourself as an expert in a certain industry, this type might be perfect for you. Branding blogs help businesses and individuals improve their online reputation. Branding blogs contain targeted posts and streamlined content, since they aim to establish image and expertise.

Promotional Blog

If branding blogs exist to improve the image of an individual or a business, promotional blogs exist to highlight the image of other individuals and businesses. Promotional blogs usually contain reviews of products and services and interviews of industry movers and shakers.


Journal blogs are the first kind of blog to ever exist. Blogs initially started as online diaries anyway. Journals are personal, informal, and sporadic. They don’t intend to build traffic, sell a product, promote a service, or establish credibility. If you want to blog simply to share your story, then this is the best type for you.


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