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Our copy-editing services involve establishing consistency and correcting errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, syntax, capitalization, hyphenation, basic formatting, abbreviations, citations, and treatment of numbers in order to enhance the readability of a copy and convey the ideas of the author clearly and accurately. Copy-editing also includes conducting basic fact-checking, flagging instances of possible legal issues such as copyright violations, and suggesting recasts to tighten construction.

All clients can expect the following from our copy-editing services:

  • Grammar and spelling
  • Correcting grammar errors
  • Correcting spelling errors
  • Appropriateness of language for the intended readership
  • Flagging instances where words and phrases are not suitable for intended audience
  • Recommending words and phrases that are appropriate for audience
  • Checking whether terms and abbreviations are properly explained
  • Content, structure, and phrasing
  • Checking for any missing elements such as words, phrases, and book parts
  • Checking for any redundant phrasings and repeated elements
  • Correcting the order of book parts
  • Breaking up very long paragraphs into shorter ones where appropriate and necessary
  • Suggesting recasts for unnecessarily long, ambiguous, or complicated sentences
  • Correcting word usage and word choice
  • Applying parallelism
  • Correcting dangling and misplaced modifiers
  • Consistency
  • Ensuring consistency of spellings (i.e., use of main spelling versus variant spelling and American spelling versus British spelling)
  • Checking whether chapter titles and headings match entries in the table of contents
  • Checking for consistency of facts
  • Illustrations, tables, and lists
  • Checking whether tables and illustrations agree with the text and captions
  • Ensuring captions are correct
  • Style
  • Applying style guide (Chicago, APA, AP, AMA, etc.) rules on capitalization, hyphenation, abbreviations, treatment of numbers, punctuation, distinctive treatment of words, documentation, and more
  • Accuracy
  • Checking accuracy of names, titles, places, etc.
  • Checking accuracy of widely available facts and quotations
  • Checking appropriateness and accuracy of idiomatic expressions and slang
  • Using reliable references for fact-checking
  • Legal concerns
  • Alerting the author or publisher for instances that may require permission
  • Flagging instances where issues such as copyright infringement, libel, obscenities, and racism are possible
  • Others
  • Flagging issues that only the author or publisher can address
  • Applying basic formatting where appropriate and required

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