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Five Computer Programs and Mobile Apps for Writers

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Before the dawn of technology and computers, writers had to have boxes upon boxes of notebooks, index cards, and sticky notes that take forever to organize and make a coherent story out of, but they did it anyway. Now it’s not that hard. There are many tools that help writers with their work. Here are five of them.


1. Scrivener

Ideal for: Idea Organization, Formatting, and Word Processing

Scrivener boasts multiple features, such as a corkboard, research space, recycle bin, and formatting tools for each project file.

Each New Project creates its own folder, to which you can add notebooks, and pages. Each notebook has its own corkboard, while each page has a corresponding index card on which you can write reminders, summaries, dates, etc. The research subspace allows you to put in clippings, pictures, and other necessary articles. Scrivener also has format samples for screenplays, novel manuscripts, and nonfiction collections.

2. Microsoft OneNote

Ideal for: Idea Organization and Word Processing

OneNote allows users to create multiple notebooks that are accessible without having to open new windows. OneNote works a little like MS Word, except the documents are a lot more accessible. OneNote also has an auto-save feature and a task bar tool that pulls up a blank note or lets you screencap a page and save it for later.

3. YWriter

Ideal for: Idea Organization and Word-Processing

YWriter features a more complicated, albeit more ideal, interface for creating novels. Clicking on tabs allows you to switch from chapter to chapter, which has panels for content and detail input. The program allows you to note chapter details such as locations, characters, and events involved.

4. Evernote

Ideal for: Idea Organization

Much like OneNote, Evernote allows users to collect, organize, and encode ideas. Evernote is more accessible and collaborative.

Evernote syncs to all devices used, and notes may be shared to other users. It’s available on both computers and mobile devices.

5. ZenWriter

Ideal for: Word Processing

As the name suggests, ZenWriter is a word-processing program ideal for a relaxing writing experience.

It features a full-screen interface, which has a customizable background, customizable fonts, ambient music, and even typing sounds. ZenWriter allows you to put in your own ambient music as well.

There are a lot more apps and programs that can help you write faster and more efficiently, but it takes some research and trial and error to find out which one (or more) you work with best.

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