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Odd Writing Habits of Five Authors

TV Shows, movies, and other media have always portrayed writers as somewhat of a spectacle. More often than not, writers on screen are eccentric and quirky. They act vastly different from the non-writer characters. It would be wonderful to say that this is untrue, but let’s face it—writers do tend to have weird behavior. This is mostly because writers do just about anything to be able to write.

Just how eccentric can writers get? Read on to find out

Here are five odd things that writers do in order to get into the writing mood.

  1. Training for a marathon – Kurt Vonnegut

    Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut has a regimen similar to training which he strictly follows. He wakes up at 5:30 am, works until 8, work until 10, run some errands, swim at nearby swimming pool for half an hour, return home, have lunch, and follow a different afternoon schedule. He does pushups and sit-ups “all the time” which he claims makes him feel lean and sinewy.

  1. Taking yourself beyond – Hunter S Thompson

    Hunter S. Thompson

Like many infamous writers, Thompson requires alcohol and drugs in order to get in the writing mood. He wakes up at 3 pm, drinks alcohol, then coffee, then more alcohol, does some modafinil drugs, drinks more coffee, drinks more alcohol, does more drugs, has “lunch” at 7, drinks alcohol, and starts taking drugs seriously while drinking alcohol. By midnight, he is able to write.

  1. Hanging upside down – Dan Brown

    Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code author claims that “inversion therapy” cures his writer’s block. The more he does it, the more he feels inspired to write.

  1. Becoming one with nature – Victor Hugo

    Victor Hugo

The Les Miserables author has a weird way of forcing himself to write. Hugo apparently instructed his valet to take away his clothing while he was nearing the deadline for The Hunchback of Notre Dame canadian pharmacy cialis. This forced him to stay at home and write. Hugo supposedly did this even during winter time, using only a blanket to keep himself warm.

  1. Blaming the Moon – Jack Kerouac

    Jack Kerouac

This novelist and poet followed some pretty strange rituals and superstitions while writing. He had a ritual where he lit a candle to write by, knelt and prayed before starting, and blew out the candle when he was done. When he has off days, he blames the full moon. He also believes that his astrological sign (which is Pisces, by the way) affects his writing habits. He also touches the floor nine times a day with his toe tips, while balanced. His final ritual is praying to Jesus to canadian pharmacy online “preserve my sanity and my energy so I can help my family: that being my paralyzed mother, and my wife, and the ever-present kitties.”



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