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Tips for Budding Authors: Always Proofread and Edit

Simply deciding to become a writer will not immediately result in becoming a successful one. Putting a compilation of words to make a sentence also does not instantly make an individual into a great author. Aside from dedication and the desire to become one, certain skills and tasks should be constantly accomplished in order to attain a better chance of becoming an author of substance.


Actually start writing something.

Individuals who desire to become an author would often start by staring on a blank computer screen while attempting to think of something to write about. Ideas and inspirational topics are not always easy to come by, and more often than not, they are left being mesmerized by the constant blinking of a cursor. When this happens, the immediate reaction is to quit and sulk about the apparent mental blockage. How can one take a step further into becoming an author if this particular roadblock happens? To get the creative juices flowing, start by writing the first thoughts that come to mind. Whether it is a looping phrase or a song you heard from the radio, this practice would eventually lead to something that is actually worthwhile to write about.


Think the way copy-editors do. Once a portion of a novel or article is complete, it would be good practice in efficiency by accomplishing some proofreading tasks. During an influx of ideas in an author’s mind, they tend to write as fast as they can to save every thought before it is forgotten. Checking to see whether everything is properly spelled or whether the grammar used is correct is not initially important. However, it is most likely that there will be a significant amount of errors. Take the time and effort to step back from the actual writing and put on one’s copy editor hat. Read and reread every word, sentence and paragraph to ensure that everything is accurate and consistent.

Do diligent editing.

A compilation of amazingly worded sentences will not automatically indicate that the paragraph or complete work would be equally amazing. There would be instances wherein these sentences will clash with one another, thus resulting in something chaotic and without thought consistency. When this occurs, make certain to diligently proofread and edit every part that needs to be improved. Editing is an important skill that should be honed by budding authors. By honing this skill, writers will be able to improve their writing methods in the process.


Let a fresh set of eyes read the finished work. Any written work has a personal connection to an author, and for this reason, he or she would have a biased opinion about it. Allowing other people, particularly a professional editor, to read the finished work would provide an unbiased and truthful environment to compliment or critic one’s work.

In the end, it is important for budding authors not to be easily disheartened by rejection. Negative comments are considered priceless because they provide information on how to improve one’s writing skills. With perseverance and practice, one would gain a better chance of success.

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