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A Study in Mystery

Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, and Arthur Conan Doyle. Other than having names that all start with the letter A, all these three people have one more thing in common—popularity in the mystery genre. The mystery genre is easily one of the most difficult genres to write. With great precision, lots of planning, and a ton

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Book-to-Series Adaptations That You Can Stream Online

Looking for something to watch but tired of the usual things you see on TV? We’ve got you covered! Here are some TV series adapted from your favorite books that you can stream online. Grab some chips, get cozy, and away we go! Riverdale This series is not based on a book but the widely

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Author Spotlight: Veronica Roth

< Born in New York and raised in Illinois, Veronica Roth is the youngest of three children and was an avid reader growing up. One of her favorite authors is Lois Lowry, who wrote The Giver, often cited as the original young-adult (YA) dystopian novel. She studied creative writing in Northwestern University and worked as

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Ten Children’s Books That Adults Should Read

For adults, life can sometimes be draining. There’re way too many things to do and worry about. Sometimes, we look to escape even for just a while. Traveling can be pretty expensive, and for adults working eight hours a day for a salary they have to budget for an entire month, it’s not very ideal.

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Author Spotlight: John Green

Young-adult author and YouTube star John Green didn’t always dream of becoming famous. But now that he has immense power of an internet army on his hands, he intends to use it to speak in behalf of those who feel unheard. John Green was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but he and his family moved all

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