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Fast, High-Quality Editing

A well-written text is an effective tool for emphasizing your message and selling your point. Whether it’s a study, a marketing copy, or a good story, editing is a great device to make your material truly work. It improves the text and polishes it, giving the final output a strong appeal to effectively capture your intended audience. We offer a variety of editing services that serve every need:

  • Proofreading for documents with minor errors
  • Copy-editing for documents that require significant corrections
  • Substantial editing for documents that need an overhaul, especially ESL text

To know more about what type of editing suits you, here’s what our editing services can do for specific clients:


This is the most basic of our editing services. It usually involves the following:

  • Correcting typographical, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and formatting errors and apparent lapses in word usage, such as the interchanging of homonyms and other similar instances
  • Eliminating obvious errors, but not improving the content or making stylistic revisions (see copy-editing for that)


This is a more precise level of editing. In addition to basic corrections, as in proofreading, this involves the following:

  • Using a careful, line-by-line approach that adheres to our primary references and style guides in checking for grammatical and other such errors
  • Checking and correcting minor to average factual errors as well as checking data, such as figures and tables, for consistency
  • Making sure that the meaning, voice, and style of the original text are preserved while maintaining consistency and correctness of the copy
  • Giving suggestions to improve readability and eliminate ambiguity and posing queries to clarify and correct any relevant issues, which is especially important for ESL text