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ESL Editing

Clients who are nonnative English speakers or are learning English as a second language may require the most in-depth editing there is. For ESL editing, we take everything that our copy-editing services have to offer and go beyond establishing consistency and correcting errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, syntax, capitalization, hyphenation, basic formatting, abbreviations, citations, and treatment of numbers.

We understand that expressing your thoughts completely in English may pose a challenge, so inWrite provides ESL editing so that your document reads like it was written by a native English speaker. In addition to the standard copy-editing services we provide, the following distinctions apply specifically to ESL editing:

  • Direct changes to the phrasing of awkwardly constructed sentences
  • Appropriate replacements in cases of poor word choice or limited vocabulary
  • Additional words and phrases to aid in sentence transition
  • Careful placement of the appropriate article (i.e., a, an, the) wherever necessary
  • More helpful comments and suggestions aimed at improving written English for future compositions
  • More meticulous line-by-line editing to highlight the advanced aspects and fine points of the language that require additional attention
  • Overall sentence flow improvements so that the text reads like it was written by a native speaker
  • The most in-depth editing possible while maintaining the intended ideas the text is meant to convey, as well as the tone of the entire document