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Efficient and Organized Workflow

Armed not only with a strong command and understanding of the English language but also with a mastery of a variety of renowned style guides such as Chicago, AP, Oxford, and APA, among others, our editors enjoy the challenge and exercise of editing, proofreading, and polishing text. From business documents to advertising copies, research papers to personal memoirs, fiction or nonfiction, inWrite deals with each assignment like a personal undertaking, making sure that it is correct, consistent, and clear by the time it gets back to the client.

We utilize a simple yet efficient editing process. This five-step workflow ensures thorough editing from the first letter to the final punctuation mark.




Send us your document. It could be the whole thing or just a few sample pages.




We’ll take a look at your document and then get back to you with a price quote and a time frame.




We’ll start editing once you give us the green light. The Track Changes feature will be enabled on all edited documents so you can see all the changes, suggestions, and clarifications made by our editors.



Quality Assurance Check

Editing will then be followed by a QA check before the document gets sent back to you. This involves systematically checking for possible missteps during the proofreading/copy-editing stage, correcting those, and ensuring that the document is ready to be returned to you.




You can peruse our edits and approve or disapprove each one, study our recommendations, and address any questions or clarifications raised by our editors. We can also send a clean copy of the edited document with all the changes approved should you rather not go through our edits.

With that, the editing process is complete, and your document is good to go!