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If your text needs a major or even a total overhaul, rewriting services courtesy of our experienced writing team may be what you need. Consider a rewrite for the following:

  • Redrafted content that is heavily based on one or several sources but should be free of plagiarism
  • Existing text that needs a change in style or tone (e.g., from casual to professional) or is intended for a new audience
  • A paper that needs some adjustments based on a professor’s or reviewer’s comments, feedback, and specifications
  • A draft that might be well polished in terms of grammar and spelling but not in terms of clarity and articulation
  • Rushed work that needs a complete overhaul
  • Excerpts of text within a well-written document that remain unclear or do not make sense
  • Other types of work that might require content filtering (e.g., offensive language) by way of rewriting

Careful adherence to client specifications is at the center of inWrite’s rewriting services. Just like our writing services, in which fluid, concise composition is combined with grammatical accuracy, you can expect our rewriting services to offer the following:

  • Diligent drafting according to specified instructions
  • Researching to gain a full grasp of the subject matter and ensure accuracy of information
  • Writing to maximize SEO
  • Reviewing to ensure that the text is free of plagiarism
  • Integration of all required content, keywords, etc.
  • Flexibility in terms of the rewriting services we offer (e.g., Web content, business profiles, SEO articles, technical documents such as user manuals, creative pieces, etc.)
  • Adherence to your chosen tone and style
  • Recommendations and suggestions wherever appropriate to improve the content