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Translation Services

inWrite’s writing and editing team not only has a strong command of the English language but also has the ability to integrate this with their fluency in other languages by way of translation services. In addition, our translator partners around the globe are there to ensure that we continue to add more languages in our skillset in the future. At present, we are able to offer translation services in the following languages:

• English
• Filipino

If you have an existing document or some text that you would like translated, send it to us along with any specifics you might have. With our dedicated team of editors and writers from different backgrounds and with years of experience, you can rest assured that our translation services can handle documents of all types, from blog posts to professional business correspondences to dissertations.

Why pick inWrite over other available translation services?

• We are language experts, handling writing, rewriting, proofreading, and copy-editing services for satisfied clients every day. We know how text written by a native speaker should sound like.
• We never use automated or software-generated translators. Our translation services are handled by real people, only native speakers, whom you can trust to do it right.
• We are able work with various types of content, documents, and files. Have a legal document? Send away. An engineering dissertation? No problem. A marketing copy? Our pleasure. A novel? Let us provide you with a quote.
• We are serious about quality and on-time delivery. Before a document is ready, it always gets reviewed one last time to ensure that the meaning and intended message of the original text is preserved.
• Our translation services also include providing comments and suggestions where appropriate so that nothing is lost in translation. If you are concerned about translating expressions or idioms, don’t worry—we’ll provide suggestions.
• Most importantly, we always stick with any instructions or specifics our clients give.