Reliable Editorial Solutions

We take the guesswork out of editing and proofreading manuscripts, academic papers, and marketing materials.
We go through millions of words each year and polish thousands of documents, helping various authors and industries get their message across.

Data Processing

Our data processing service will allow you to reinvest your time and money in other critical functions and core competencies of your business to meet industry demands.


This is the most basic of our editing services. This usually involves eliminating obvious errors but not making stylistic revisions.

Copy editing

Copyediting is a more precise level of editing. This involves using a careful, line-by-line approach that adheres to our primary references.


Aside from ensuring that your document is error-free, we also make sure that it looks polished and coherent to make it more appealing and professional.


Careful adherence to client specifications is at the center of our rewriting services.

Content Writing

Our writing services combine fluid, concise composition and grammatical accuracy with careful adherence to client specifications.

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Fast High-Quality Editing

A well-written text is an effective tool for emphasizing your message and selling your point. Whether it’s a study, a marketing copy, or a good story, editing is a great tool to make your material truly work. It improves and polishes the text, giving the final output a strong appeal to effectively capture your intended audience. We offer a variety of editing services that serve every need:


Proofreading for documents with minor errors


Copy-editing for documents that require significant corrections


Substantive editing for documents that need an overhaul, especially ESL text

To know more about what type of editing suits you, here’s what our editing services can do for specific clients:


  • Correcting typographical, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and formatting errors and apparent lapses in word usage, such as the interchanging of homonyms and other similar issues
  • Eliminating obvious errors, but not improving the content or making stylistic revisions (see copy-editing for that)


  • Using a careful, line-by-line approach that adheres to our primary references and style guides in checking for grammatical and other similar errors
  • Checking and correcting minor to average factual errors as well as checking data, such as figures and tables, for consistency
  • Making sure that the meaning, voice, and style of the original text are preserved while maintaining the consistency and correctness of the copy
  • Giving suggestions to improve readability and eliminate ambiguity and posing queries to clarify and correct any relevant issues, which are especially important for ESL text

But our services are not limited to editing. We consider language and communication our strongest suit, and we are continuously diversifying to meet the evolving and increasing demands of our clients.

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Let us help you get your manuscripts ready for publication.

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Competitive Business Writing and Rewriting

Our team of experienced writers is adept at drafting text for a wide range of clients who come from different industries and backgrounds. We can provide you with clear, engaging content that will yield more positive outcomes for you and your business.


Whether you are a business owner aiming to make gains using SEO or a professional looking to draft an instructional document, you can expect our writing services to include the following:

  • Diligent drafting according to specified instructions
  • Researching to gain a full grasp of the subject matter and ensure accuracy of information
  • Integrating all required content and keywords to maximize SEO
  • Checking for plagiarism
  • Practicing flexibility in terms of the writing services we offer (e.g., Web content, business profiles, SEO articles, technical documents such as user manuals, creative pieces, etc.)
  • Adhering to your chosen tone and style
  • Making recommendations and suggestions wherever appropriate to improve the content


Just like our writing services, in which fluid, concise composition is combined with grammatical accuracy, you can also expect our rewriting services to be unique and flawless. We handle the following documents for rewriting:

  • Content that is heavily based on one or several sources
  • Existing text that needs a change in style or tone (e.g., from casual to professional) or is intended for a new audience
  • A paper that needs some adjustments based on a professor’s or reviewer’s comments, feedback, and specifications
  • A draft that might be well polished in terms of grammar and spelling but not in terms of clarity and articulation
  • Rushed work that needs a complete overhaul
  • Excerpts of text within a well-written document that remain unclear or do not make sense
  • Other types of work that might require content filtering (e.g., offensive language) by way of rewriting