5 Ways to Appreciate Your Employees 365 Days a Year

In the United States and Canada, Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated every first Friday of March.

The holiday was established by Bob Nelson of Recognition Professionals International, realizing that the success of a company lies heavily on the satisfaction of its employees.

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In these unprecedented times, holidays like this one are essential in boosting everyone’s morale. It’s important to take time to recognize everyone’s hard work, but employees should be appreciated all days of the year. Here are only five ways you can do just that.

  1. Check in with them consistently
    The world we’re living in right now is unexpected and quite isolated. Your employees will surely appreciate you asking them not just about their work but also about their personal lives. It’s also important to connect with them individually instead of asking everyone to share in the company group chat.
  2. Keep communication lines open
    One of the most important things to an employee is the ability to talk to their bosses freely. Keep boundaries between supervisors clear, but give employees a venue where they can air their concerns. If your communication lines are open enough, your employees won’t hesitate to speak their mind.
  3. Take note of their suggestions
    No one knows the workplace like your employees do. They feel heard not only when they are listened to but also when they can contribute to the workplace. Employees learn from their bosses, but bosses can learn just as much from their employees.
  4. Create an open environment
    An open company is marked by constant and open communication between employees and bosses, good relationships within the company, and a united commitment toward the company’s goal. The above suggestions are key to this item. An open environment is overall good for the company. Having good relationships between employees and bosses is crucial to teamwork and, eventually, to the success of everyone.
  5. Let your employees stay individual
    While it’s important to have employees united under the company’s vision and mission, it is also important to encourage individuality. Every person is different and brings something to the table. This goes for both employees and bosses. Any person would appreciate being allowed to be themselves, even when working for someone else.

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